The October Diaries 2015

The Whiteman Brothers and friends celebrate The 31 Days of Halloween by reserving the living room exclusively for horror movies that no one in the room has seen. Sean and Christof (and sometimes guests!) write quick first impressions about the films while honorary Whiteman brother, Max Brown, makes an illustration for each of the new-to-us horror movies.

October 1: The Town That Dreaded Sundown
October 2: Magic
October 3: Deadly Eyes
October 4: Special Effects
October 5: Curtains
October 6: Stage Fright: Aquarius 
October 7: Mama
October 8: Berberian Sound Studio
October 9: Bad Milo!
October 10: Cooties
October 11: When A Stranger Calls Back
October 12: Nomads
October 13: Rockula
October 14: The Believers
October 15: VHS2
October 16: Burnt Offerings
October 17: Final Girls
October 18: Tales of Halloween
October 19: Evilspeak
October 20: Grabbers
October 21: Motel Hell
October 22: Creep
October 23: Bone Tomahawk
October 24: X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
October 25: Equinox
October 26: Madman
October 27:
October 28:
October 29:
October 30:
October 31:

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