PEEKABOO ROSE Plays Peekaboo With 5th Avenue Cinema

Back in February, in the midst of our latest series of 29 Films in 29 Days, we were invited to show our 2008 experimental film PEEKABOO ROSE at 5th Avenue Cinema (as part of their digital documentary series). 5th Avenue Cinema is PSU’s student-run cinema and one of only a few venues left that still show 35mm films every week. The Willamette Week had a nice little mention of the event:

“[FLASHBACK FILM] Shot over the course of three days, the Whiteman brothers’ avant documentary Peekaboo Rose is a gorgeous look at Portland in 2008, certain to draw wonder, as well as inspire at least someone in the audience to bemoan how much the city has changed since then.”


We were hella stoked (et cet, et cet) to be invited at all but we were even more honored to be sharing the same calendar weekend as a rare film print of Cory McAbee’s The American Astronaut (a pillar-inspiration in the Whiteman Brothers brain trust) — in fact it was playing in the theater right next door during our Q&A. And here’s the film in full for those interested in playing a little Peekaboo at home.


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