Selected Writing

Film Writing:

The October Diaries 2015

Again! We’ll be posting these over the course of 2016 leading into the next October feast!

The October Diaries 2014

Film blurbs by Sean and Christof, featuring illustrations by Max Brown for each of the horror movies watched in October.

ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE: Jarmusch as Vampirically Cool Genre Equalizer

Jim Jarmusch shows us his fangs. Sean gets bit.

Short Stories:

New Flavors by Sean

31 flavors isn’t enough. Originally published in Kung-Fu Breakfast Issue #6: Cult Occult (2014)

Haunting of Facebook by Sean

No shocker here. Originally published in Kung-Fu Breakfast Issue #7: Tales From The Internet (2014)

Ithaca College Final Exam (2006 – Whiteman, Sean P) by Sean

What the student loan debt amounted to. Originally published in Jiu Jitsu Brunch: Ithaca Issue (2015)

Vincent the Robot by Sean

A robot fights the mundane in the New Kingdom of America.