Heaven in 2007

Heaven in 2007 was Ithaca, NY. Specifically Davey Whitney wheezing on the ground. Watch him and Christof as they play.


Children at Play


Here is our second lost short-short from an age before iPads (can you even remember a time before ipads?). The short is called UNSPEAKABLE THINGS.

Unspeakable Things

88 m.p.h – Straight back to 2007

External hard drives are full of mystery. They hold valuable information and die sudden, tragic, deaths. They remind us that nothing lasts forever. They occasionally serve us well and are knick-named as a result of the familiarity of consistent use. They also have secrets.

Sean recently unearthed a series of short-short films hidden deep (talking three folders deep) on a hard drive of his own. They were the result of one day Ithaca, NY day in 2007. The Whiteman Brothers had just completed The Disgusting Little Shiver and Sean was moving to Indianapolis. They decided to take a walk and shoot some short films before he went. Davey Whitney joined them later on.

The first short film (re-assembled from original footage and the directors’ extensive notes) is called: THE SUNSET UPSET.

The Sunset Upset


Christof’s short film EGG REPLACER is currently participating in the Kuchar Brothers’ It Came From YOU Contest. To watch click here. After watching (and critiquing without mercy) you can vote for it.

Now, remember, voting is democracy. Not voting is basically a white flag and a slap to the face of our Grandparents. The same honorable men who fought in a war so that we can enjoy things like Teletubbies. Vote now!

Evil Spirit From the Sun: TEASER

Evil Spirit From the Sun – TEASER from TheWhitemanBrothers on Vimeo.

The teaser for our feature-length children’s film.

29 Films in 29 Days (2008)

What happens in LEAP YEAR stays in LEAP YEAR!

(To see what is going on this LEAP YEAR, check out the 2012 edition of 29 Films in 29 Days!)

Day One: An Unexpected Visitor
Day Two: Evil Test
Day Three: The Search
Day Four: Baby Food
Day Five: Heart to Heart
Day Six: Banana Fiasco
Day Seven: Home Video
Day Eight: Another Unexpected Visitor
Day Nine: The Hangover
Day Ten: Nap Time
Day Eleven: The Situation
Day Twelve: The Double Cross
Day Thirteen: Full Apartment
Day Fourteen: Another Heart to Heart
Day Fifteen: Lesson Learned
Day Sixteen: Bad Habits
Day Seventeen: Important Business
Day Eighteen: Peekaboo
Day Nineteen: Trade Secrets
Day Twenty: Inked
Day Twenty-One: Spider!
Day Twenty-Two: The Joke
Day Twenty-Three: He or She?
Day Twenty-Four: Sneak Attack
Day Twenty-Five: Yet Another Heart to Heart
Day Twenty-Six: Special Day
Day Twenty-Seven: Pranksters
Day Twenty-Eight: Love
Day Twenty-Nine: Dead Baby Joke

You’re so LEAP YEAR and you don’t even know it! LEAP YEAR, baby, LEAP YEAR!